About us

Our Association is made up of members who have a strong goal towards keeping our community safe and making it a great place to live for today and for future generations to come.

This association is only as strong as the participation of its members. We hope that you’ll help make it as great as we know it can be.

If you live in West Lake Estates and want to keep up on what’s happening in your neighbourhood, why not sign up? It’s free and you’ll get a membership card which will entitle you to discounts at participating local businesses throughout the area.

What benefits does WLECA offer its members?

  • Having a voice in improving and enhancing quality of neighbourhood life
  • Sense of belonging
  • Team up and work with a diverse community
  • Input with the City of Ottawa
  • Community planning and development input
  • A Place to Meet Neighbours for Friendship and Socialization
  • A place to share ideas
  • Being part of change
  • Information sharing through various communications tools (web, newsletter, email, meetings, etc.)
  • Increased community based amenities
  • Support to those in need
  • Benefits to membership – discounts at local business and services and also with WLECA
  • Increased public safety through neighbour input and the support of community policing with the Ottawa Police Service and Neighbourhood Watch Program
  • Ability to influence decision that impacts you and your family
  • Ability to address environmental issues
  • Improves city hall accountability
  • Increased awareness of your community in a larger community
  • Ability to demonstrate your personal commitment to building a safe, caring and vibrant community

Reasons to Join WLECA

  • COMMUNITY SAFETY:Neighbourhood Watch program is an example of how community associations ensure safety in the neighbourhood.
  • SPECIAL EVENTS: Many events are provided throughout the year which provides families an opportunity to meet others in the community and have some fun. Events include Winterfest, community garage sale, skating events, social walks, Summer Block Party, Easter Egg hunt.
  • COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER: The community association communicates to the residents the activities, programs and services that are happening in the community through regular website posts and news bulletins.
  • COMMON PROPERTY MAINTENANCE: Outdoor ice rink, Picnic area are maintained for the benefit of the community residents.
  • REPRESENTING THE COMMUNITY ON REGIONAL COMMITTEES AND INITIATIVES: Community association designates represent the community on regional issues of interest such as major infrastructure projects in the area or social issues.
  • IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF LIFE: Community associations are created by individuals who want to improve the quality of life for themselves and others in the community. Share the feeling of community pride-become a community association member and volunteer.

West Lake Co-Tenancy Committee

Who are your board members?  Go to the Co-Tenancy Committee page.

Mailing address

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